Punk/ska outfit Fornicators have been launching quality rock music into the world since 2001. Operating from the east Coast of Sweden, the band has played over 1000 shows all over the planet, released a sizable body of recorded work, and has found a large audience for its mix of music, aggression, and humor.  Guitarist and vocalist Tim and bassist Hampus are the core of the band and are currently recording with a drummer remotely due to pandemic restrictions. The truth of the band, however, is only fully revealed onstage and Fornicators are absolutely revved up to play live again as soon as it’s possible. 

Fornicators songs are about the working class, victims of bullying, and other types of hard time characters. The band wants to tell stories in which fans can recognize themselves and hopefully find catharsis and comfort. Their music is continually evolving, as it should be, and they are a tough group to follow on any stage anywhere. All those who love straight-on rock and roll with a ton of fire and grit need to get into a Fornicators habit. 

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